Links: Early midterm vote shows unexpectedly high Democratic turnout

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Early voters — those non-procrastinating, on-top-of-their-shit types — are already voting in droves. And a surprising number of them are Democrats.

Art can be so cool! Especially when it requires 10,000 bananas and disappears in a day like this piece by Stefan Sagmeister. 

Sex tips for dating a man with a small penis. After getting sick of watching advice columnists shy away from it, someone finally took this topic on frankly. 

Amazingly corny Christine O'Donnell jokes. Let's all keep mocking her while she's still a somewhat-viable public figure! (And here's hoping that she'll lose and disappear in a few weeks). 

And finally, another of America's crucial questions has been answered by South Park. Inception was not that awesome of a movie