Links: Egyptian government’s official website aptly reflects the state of the nation

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The Egyptian Presidency

The Egyptian Government website currently displays the phrase "Egyptian Presidency" followed by the words "Under Construction." I know that's not what they mean, but it seems fitting, no? 

A smaller, cheaper iPhone may be on the way. Techie rumors suggest that it will be about half the size of the current iPhone and considerably less expensive. Perhaps good news for all of us Verizon users with BlackBerrys, preparing for the switch. 

Obama's 2012 budget is in. In his efforts to compromise, it looks like he ended up cutting a lot of the projects he holds dear. Stuff like "Community Organizing" (a vague concept for most people, but still, one that we know he used to really like!).

And finally, some more Valentine's Day sadness, this time from the clever folks over at CollegeHumor

Some more advice for the lonely on Valentine's Day: Five funny (if likely-to-be-ineffectual) ways to show your ex-girlfriend that you're totally over her