Links: Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson to star in weird new indie, “Super”

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Ellen Page in Super

The trailer for Super, a dark comedy starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Paige, dropped today. It’s like Kick-Ass, but three times as old, five times as indie, and probably scored by Vampire Weekend. It also looks pretty funny.

I try my best to never see Ron Jeremy do anything and, nine times out of ten, succeed. But I admit these fairly SFW pictures of him are hilarious… and hairy. Back to never seeing his weird Super Mario mug I go.

In creepy-ad news: This new Girl Scouts billboard promises a lot more than they can provide. That is either the most ill-advised set of ellipsis points of all time, or the cleverest To Catch a Predator trap ever.

A new study done by the CDC backs my theory that the siesta should be adopted as an American labor custom. Think about how much more productive you’d be if you weren’t drooling into your keyboard by 3 p.m

And finally, the set of Jane Eyre, the favorite for most boring movie of 2011, had some “excitement” come its way when the horses kept getting aroused every time Michael Fassbender mounted one. It’s bad enough that his name already sounds like a sex joke, but to have this happen is tragic.