Links: Every Sean Bean death ever

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Spoiler Alert: Sean Bean's Game of Thrones character bites it. I don't even watch the show, because I am poor and too lazy to pirate it, but even I know this. Though, going through his filmography, I might have been able to guess at his character's demise because Sean Bean gets killed a lot. As in, this much. It can get pretty graphic at points, and it does contain spoilers: consider yourself warned.

Maybe the above would have been lightened by the presence of "Yakety Sax," like this supercut of Jared Leto's various deaths and profound woundings.

Apparently, grade inflation is really taking its toll on American colleges: 43% of letter grades given out are As, which is a little ridiculous. And that's not even taking communications majors into account. Just kidding, guys, you all have higher-paying jobs than I do.

Planking had an accelerated lifespan even for a meme, going from obscure to newsworthy to fatality-causing in just a few short months. But apparently planking is a lot older than we all thought: Tom Green's been doing it for years.

And because it's a supercut-y kind of day, enjoy this compilation of the dirtiest sex scenes in film: super-NSFW but still hilarious. Also, featuring our second American Psycho clip of the day. Christian Bale, eat your heart out.