Links: Excited SF Giants fan flashes riot cops, in the image of the day

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Man Flashes Riot PoliceAn ecstatic San Francisco Giants fan decided that the best way to celebrate his team's World Series victory was to show a bunch of riot police his penis [NSFW]. They seem pretty unimpressed. 

The second installment of "Words," a short film by Everynone, is just as delightful as the first. Especially if no one explains it you and you just watch it. 

A lieutenant for the Attorney General's Office in South Carolina was caught having sex with an eighteen-year-old stripper — in a graveyard. Which of course, made this list of people caught having sex in graveyards totally necessary

And finally, as you sit at home tonight and watch the midterm elections unfold, you can play this midterm-themed drinking game. Drink each time you here, "Let's go to the map."