Links: Florida will replace all textbooks with e-books

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Florida just passed a law requiring all public schools to switch to e-textbook format by the 2015-2016 school year. Important questions remain: how much will it cost? Who's going to pay for it? Will you still have to cover your Kindle with brown paper? 

Adult film actress Sasha Grey has added "photographer" to her resume with the release of Neu Sex, a monograph of photos detailing the intimate moments of her daily life outside work. While she may not be Cindy Sherman, the book provides a glimpse into the life of an interesting personality.

For those of your who were a little disappointed by Lady Gaga's newest music video, there's a strange sort of solace in Weird Al Yankovic's newest music video, "Perform This Way." Both a parody of the singer's "Born This Way" and a critique of her career itself, the video's imagery has already sparked controversy. Among other things, it features Yankovic's face superimposed on what looks like Lady Gaga's body. Proceed with caution.

Republican New York Senator Greg Ball asked constituents on Twitter how he should vote on the gay-marriage equality bill. You should tell him what you think

Pixar announced today that it will be producing a new film for a November 2013 release. Other than that it will be an original story and not a sequel, little else was revealed, leaving us to wonder what object will receive Pixar's award-winning anthropomorphic treatment. (My hope is for house-hold utensils.)