Links: FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is the newest affliction caused by the internet

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FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is a newly minted mental illness suffered by people who live through their internet identities. The New York Times reports on the anxiety of people who stay glued to their computers and phones, hitting refresh every few moments, in fear of not being in the loop on their friends' lives. We all decided it was totally ludicrous last night when we were hanging out without you.  

While we're all getting mildly annoyed at Donald Trump's fake presidential campaign here in America, the Syrian government has been getting real business done, passing a bill to lift the decades-old state-of-emergency law. The law, passed forty-eight years ago, prohibited all protests, even peaceful ones. As of today, it has been replaced.

Barbie has always been a controversial figure, and now she's been re-created in real-life measurements by an enterprising college student. At six-feet tall with a double-zero waist, Barbie isn't looking like the pinnacle of American beauty so much as the shrunken head in Beetlejuice

Having a party on 4/20 but fear the menu won't be up to par? Fret not! The perfect marijuana-holiday cookbook, Stoner's Delight, can be purchased for the low price of ten dollars. A very small price to pay for hazy, happy memories, that you probably won't actually remember at all. 

And finally, if you can't wait until tomorrow to trip out, why not just look at these pictures of Banana Art? You'll feel confused and paranoid, but weirdly satisfied, without having to toke up.