Links: Foursquare partnering with grocery stores to reinvent the coupon

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Foursquare — the location-based social network — continues to find new ways to make money/feel unavoidable. Now, the service is teaming up with grocery store chains to give discounts and rewards to shoppers. Think how many more coupons Nana would have clipped if she could have been "The Mayor." 

Of all the auto-correct fails we've ever seen, this is surely the best. 

Top thirteen most epic pop-culture-themed sex toys. So, if Harry Potter is sold-out this weekend you can "accio" fun in other ways.    

The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. surveyed 1,000 girls (not just girl scouts) and found that many play dumb online and that teen girls with low self-esteem portray themselves as "crazy". Thankfully, these aren't the girls we entrust with cookies. 

The twenty naughtiest ads ever is filled with double entendres and adult situations, which is why they worked and why I'll take two of everything. 

A recent poll found that four out of ten people believe marriage is becoming obsolete. Gay people are trendsetters, yet again.