Links: Gaddafi, Libyan government ready for reform

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Libyan Protesters

Today there may have been some serious progress made in Libya. These are just preliminary reports, but it looks like Gaddafi is willing to reform in the face of pressure from NATO. Today, after NATO announced its plan to take over military action, the Libyan government announced that it would consider a "road map" that would culminate in meeting a lot of the people's demands.

Today in brackets, Holy Taco's long and fascinating douchebag tourney is finally finishing up. But who will win? 

Remember that consumerism joke about people selling air in jars? The one that pops into your head every time a Snuggie infomercial happens to you? Yeah, well, say hello to Share the Air. Someone is actually trying to sell air in jars. Watch her presentation, by which I mean scanned pictures of her plan on loose-leaf paper, and laugh with the audience.

Here's the first trailer for The Three Musketeers. You already know it's going to be in 3D. I'm just interested in how they're going to reconcile all the shit blowing up with the relative scarcity of of explosives in 17th-century France.