Links: Gay couple gets married in Texas – on Skype video

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Brokeback mountain

A gay couple from Texas got married in Washington D.C. (where gay marriage is legal), broadcasting the ceremony over Skype so their families and friends could see them tie the knot. Proving that technology, when put to good use, can really be a great thing. Also, screw you, Texas.

WTF has Sarah Palin done so far? Look. I don't want to be too mean to her, but the country isn't going to go backwards all by itself.

Teenagers who text a lot are more likely to engage in risky behavior like drinking and having sex. Also known as doing stuff that teenagers do.

Then again, a twenty-five-year old woman in the U.K. has been dubbed the "sperm hunter" for trying to get pregnant by damaging the condoms she used when sleeping with men. So, apparently, we just never grow out of doing dumb stuff.

A comedy troop made a fake trailer for Doug: The Movie. The whole thing is funny but sort of bittersweet – Doug comes home from college, Porkchop is dead, Judy is working at Honker Burger, and Patti is dating his nemesis Roger.