Links: Gay Londoners hold kiss-in

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When a young gay couple was asked to leave a London pub after showing some PDA, British LGBT supporters decided to do something about it. Their solution? Hold a kiss-in outside the pub in question. Hundreds gay and lesbian couples participated in the protest over the weekend in London's Soho district by making out in droves.

I'm usually not a fan of animal videos, but since I am a fan of getting down to T.I., just like this dog, I thought I'd make an exception. Fantastic coordination! 

A California gas-station owner was shocked last week when a large bearded man with small lady hands robbed their cashier of thirty dollars. The surprise? Security footage revealed the "man" was actually a woman, and the "beard" was actually drawn on with a Sharpie. So if anyone sees a lady with black smears of pen on her face… someone wants that thirty dollars back!

Man, social media gets you every time! Melissa Lee, a spacey New Zealand politician, apparently forgot about her own support of a rigid copyright-infringement law when she tweeted about the awesome mix CD a friend had made for her. The copyright-infringement law has yet to go into effect, which is great because it gives Lee the opportunity to apologize and reform.

And finally, a Microsoft Games artist is giving us a new way to look at Disney Princesses. Rather than make Ariel into a hipster, Claire Hummel has created historically accurate drawings of Ariel and the rest of the princess gang. I'm a bit fuzzy on what this means exactly, but I had a Disney-princess-themed party but a few years ago, so I'm all in.