Links: NJ Governor Chris Christie takes $12 million helicopter to son’s baseball game

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Oh, Jersey. Sometimes I feel sorry for you, the way I would for a particularly diseased monkey. Then, sometimes, I think you deserve all that you've earned, particularly when it comes to your wonderfully Jabba-esque governor, Chris Christie, whose latest gaffe involves first taking a $12 million helicopter, then a limousine to his son's baseball game, after calling for a variety of tax cuts. Stay classy, Chris Christie.

Gil Scott-Heron, poet, musician, activist, and overall badass, passed away this past Friday, and the world is a little poorer for it. Though we are late in mourning him, we would remiss in our duties if we failed to help  For the uninitiated, enjoy this playlist put together by The Weird Fishes. Open to debate by bearded hipsters near you.

Everybody needs a little help getting through the day sometimes. No, I'm not talking about Valium; I'm talking about these awesome mixes of powerfully inspirational eighties-movie music. If you've ever wanted approximately forty minutes of sonic methamphetamines, cue up one of these mixes and start raging. 

Ah, hangovers. Experienced by so many, understood by so few, and an integral part of the excitement/despondency/regret cycle of drinking. In the quest for hangover understanding and treatment, I would like to thank the folks at Cool Material for spotlighting the Hungover Cookbook, which includes handy quizzes and methods for diagnosing which kind of hangover you're currently suffering from. My personal favorite is "The Gremlin Boogie," because it sounds like something Danny Elfman recorded for some irritatingly precious Tim Burton movie.

Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain are writing a book together. Described hyperbolically by the publisher as "Chelsea Handler and Hunter S. Thompson," the two of them are taking a road trip across America to “find common ground” and re-ignite “civil discourse.” This will probably be worth keeping up with — even if (especially if!) it ends up being some kind of hot mess.