Links: God’s fifty percent approval rating

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Public Policy Polling's latest survey of about 930 registered voters asks the standard questions about Congress and Rupert Murdoch, but then shit gets metaphysical: apparently God's approval rating is sitting at about fifty percent.

Squirrels like nuts. Did you know that? Did you also know that "nuts" are a popular euphemism for… yeah, this isn't going anywhere. Rather than waste your valuable synapses on my hackneyed testicle jokes, check out this squirrel magnet, featuring a variety of mixed nuts you can help him to find. It's hand-crafted, and no two are alike. Kind of like… no, stop it — I'm better than that.

Buzzfeed is so great at whittling down endless pages of memes into one article. Here are their cherry-picked "Dear blank, please blank" entries.

Man, this Links is getting raunchy: for the posterior aficionados and cinephiles alike, we present to you FilmDrunk's slideshow of the Best and Worst of Movie Poster Booty.

Pranking is a low form of comedy — it's up there with internet humor, sarcasm, and ventriloquism. Which is why I love when prankers are attacked for their actions, even if it's over something as harmless as a fake fart toy. I only question why this couldn't have happened to Ashton Kutcher back in his trucker-hat days. Your approval rating is going to suffer for this, God.