Links: Hackers use Sarah Palin’s Facebook page to promote Stephen Colbert’s Rally

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Some very clever hackers used Sarah Palin's Facebook wall to subtly promote Stephen Colbert's "Rally To Keep Fear Alive" tomorrow.

Anderson Cooper continues to be a badass. Yesterday, he not only interviewed the Arkansas school-board member whose homophobic rants have caused an uproar, he got the man to resign on live TV

Perfection can be overrated. Take for instance, this list of gorgeous women with bad teeth. Not a tooth-paste model among them, and yet nobody cares. 

New Meme! Keanu Reeves practices shadow-boxing. As if he doesn't know that the whole internet is making fun of his every move. I don't know whether to call him stupid or admire his balls

And finally, Time Magazine, in what is either a bold soothsaying move or a case-in-point example of the limits of print journalism, has gone ahead and announced the results of Tuesday's election — four full days before it happens.