Links: Incredibly sexist television ads

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Some ads are toothlessly sexist, making light of commonly-held stereotypical beliefs about women. These are not those ads. My favorite is the Goodyear ad that suggests when women drive, it's like one of those seizure-inducing Pokemon episodes. Or maybe a David Lynch film.

"On a soulmates date, date arrives and before sitting down announces 'I'm Jon. I don't want kids or commitment', then went for a piss." Just a taste of Awful Dates in 140 characters or less.

"Define irony," Steve Buscemi once said. Ignoring the rest of that line from Con Airhow about the fact that Michael Vick's former dog-fighting home is going to be turned into a sanctuary and rehab facility for fighting dogs? Both ironic and heartwarming. 

How about a 9/11 mention that isn't tasteless or shrill? How about a sweet time-lapse of the memorial in NYC as it's constructed?

OMG BUTTONS. Busy Beaver Button Co. is launching a new button museum, and you get a sneak peek! My favorite is the one that reads: "I'm an SOB." I need that for job interviews.