Links: The best Irish anti-bullying PSA you’ve ever seen

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The bizarrely capitalized BeLonG To's Stand Up!, an Irish gay advocacy group, kicked off its awareness week yesterday with an adorable anti-homophobic-bullying PSA. I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, but believe me when I say it's worth a watch. If gay youth doesn't do it for you, the music is pretty good.

In the most elaborate April Fools' joke in the history of televised April Fools' jokes, this male news anchor gets his lady counterpart to sniff and lick an iPad. The best part is the last thirty seconds when the news anchor bros out with the weather man.

About a month ago, Gilbert Gottfried said some horrible things about Japan and lost his job as the most annoying voice in the world. Don't worry, these people are super ready to take over and aren't afraid to embarrass themselves in the process.

I thought I wasn't missing anything by not watching the NCAA, but it turns out I was missing out on a lot. A lot of sweaty, muscular, attractive men showing emotion through tears and physical affection, that is. Thanks goodness some genius made this best of the season montage. Oh, that happens every year? I know what I'll be doing later tonight.