Links: Jim Morrison officially pardoned for indecent exposure and public intoxication

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Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison may or may not have exposed himself in 1970 while performing in Florida, but today he received a full pardon for his indecent exposure and public intoxication conviction. Kind of ironic, coming from a state that advertises itself as a mecca for indecent exposure and public intoxication.  

Google's new OS, Chrome, has been unleashed on the world. Nerds of the world seem to be in agreement: it's pretty cool. 

Eight of the top ten most incriminating sexts of the year
were sent by millionaires and celebrities. Take that, teenagers.

Accepting an annual award given to women in entertainment, Helen Mirren said she is sick of movies being made that "worship at the altar of the eighteen to twenty five-year-old male and his penis.”

And finally, this after-school special looks at what happens when parents start social networking. Mom's and dad's of the world: Twitter is a gateway drug. Be careful.