Links: John Galliano, anti-Semitic Dior designer, gets a trial date

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Former Dior designer John Galliano will stand trial on June 22 in France. He faces two separate charges for anti-Semitism. Galliano has been in rehab in Arizona following his firing and will presumably plead not guilty, considering he's counter-suing one of the couples that's accusing him.

Remember that creepy urban legend about the babysitter who notices the kids playing with a garden gnome, and then later notices that the gnome has been moved on its own, and then realizes that the gnome is actually a deranged midget escaped from the local mental institution? No? Well, here is an artist's rendition of what that gnome probably looks like, anyway. 

A debate rages over pajamas. I know that probably doesn't entice you to click, but it's also a debate that includes sentences like, "Let your man sleep in his underwear, or a bear skin. You’ll be both be better off."   

And finally, you know public-school food in this country is bad. But how bad is it? Well, to start, here's an interesting graph that compares school-cafeteria food to prison-cafeteria food.