Links: Kraft pushes Kool-Aid on Hispanics

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Ohhhh yeah! Kool-Aid will be putting the majority of its marketing budget this year towards the Hispanic market, a first for any Kraft brand. Among the more interesting tidbits from the article is the fact that Kraft might, in a reversal from its usual MO, write and produce ads for the Hispanic market before crudely translating and reairing them for others. How's that for progress? Regrettably, Easy Mac has not announced what its allocation for the coveted "stoner" market will be.

Pop quiz: who's your favorite exiled leader? Mine's Leon Trotsky, because he kind of looked like Colonel Sanders. Now, thanks to the folks at Good and Column Five, you can track the movements of exiled leaders past and present across the globe with this handy infographic. I'm using it to plan my next vacation.

A great app for drunken, violent lotharios everywhere, the Bond Mixology App provides the recipe for every drink ever consumed on screen by James while in Her Majesty's Secret Service. Use it to fuel your Connery/Moore debate or provide authentic libations for your next Archer party.

Look, we all say some pretty dumb stuff while flirting. However, can any of you say that you've flirted your way into a lifetime ban from Delta airlines? Well, Bryan Sisco can.

French techno group Justice has been making crushing dance music for years now with a maximalist disregard for subtlety that makes Daft Punk look like John Cage. The new single off their still-untitled sophomore effort, "Civilization," has been released with an appropriately epic music video directed by Edouard Salier.