Links: Laura Ingraham accepts Ed Schultz’s apology over Twitter

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Laura Ingraham accepted Ed Schultz's apology over Twitter, and also got in a little dig at him on her Facebook page: "First, I was surprised to learn that Ed Schultz actually hosted a radio show." Swish!

Whenever Titanic plays on TNT, I watch it, in all four of its hours, in guilty glee. But if you're not as patient as me, here's a super cut of Jack and Rose yelling each others' names, which is just as great.

Well, drown the kids and shoot the neighbors, I didn't think ligers were real. I thought they were just produced by Napoleon Dynamite's incredible imagination. But they are and they're at a zoo in Japan. Here are twenty-five other animal hybrids that are just as bizarre.

White people, right? They're everywhere. Especially on panels to discuss things like The Future of Media. Can't one of them take one for the team and refuse to participate on principle? This essay makes a compelling argument for it.

It's almost Memorial Day! Nothing says American holiday like the delicious flesh of animals. Fire up the grill and try these burgers! Or veggie patties, if you are so inclined.