Links: Law students at Michigan up in arms about anti-gay commencement speaker

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Rob Portman with George W. Bush

The law school at the University of Michigan is in an uproar right now, because the administration picked anti-gay politician Rob Portman to speak at commencement. It's always good to see the future lawyers and lawmakers of this country standing up against homophobia. Hopefully, they'll be just as fervent when they have the power to change things.

Like I always say: why form a boring, old picket line, when you could get butt-naked and slather fake oil all over yourself? I know at least one person agrees with me. To protest Tate Britain's continued partnership with BP, a member of activist group Liberate Tate did exactly that.

Recently, America was named the twelfth happiest country in the world. If that doesn't make you happy, think about the poor people living in the countries near the bottom of that list. Seriously, we have it great. So, quit complaining about dropped calls and slow internet.

Finally, for all you misinformed Easter enthusiasts, here are the origins of some of your favorite Easter traditions. I'm not terribly interested in why chocolate bunnies became a thing. All I know is I'm going to get all inside like four of those things this Sunday.