Links: British “Farmville” with live animals will be controlled by the internet

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Farmville cow

An actual farm in England, endowed by the National Trust, will be controlled entirely by a group of 10,000 farm amateurs, via computer. The project is an attempt to reconnect people with the food they eat, obviously by using the only thing we still understand, the internet. 

If you think that makes no sense, allow Hollywood to one up you. These are actual pitches for greenlit movies: "Harry Potter meets The Bourne Identity." "Kill Bill meets Raiders of the Lost Ark with the 'team' element of Mission: Impossible." "Combines the dramatic intensity of Sophie’s Choice with the eerie mystery of a ghost story like The Others." Many more are here

While we're on the theme of nonsensical things, it seems that teenagers are even more uninformed than we could have imagined. The fifth most popular question typed into Yahoo search bars related to Osama bin Laden was… "Who is Osama Bin Laden?" If that's not depressing, I don't know what is.

Speaking of teenagers, I can already hear choruses of teenage boys howling with glee due to a new app — all about beer. Seriously. Actually, it's kind of cool. Check it out here.

After this barrage of nonsense and stupid teenagers, it's understandable if you need something to cheer you up: adopt these adorable kitties! Warning! Only watch this video if you can and will adopt a kitten. Otherwise it's just more depressing stuff. You're welcome!