Links: Mitt Romney announces presidential bid for 2012

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Get those ballots ready. Mitt Romney surprises no one by announcing he will run for president in 2012. In the grand GOP tradition, he begins his campaign by calling Barack Obama "a failure." 

Personally, I avoid books and documentaries like Food, Inc like the plague — because the thought of being too grossed out or morally unhinged to eat my precious burgers is depressing. This author thought so too, until she took a thirty-day challenge and went from hating vegans to being one.

I recently learned that one of the editors at Nerve was valedictorian in high school (nerd!). Sadly, no footage of his surely moving speech can be found. But I'm sure it would have been better if he'd used this handy How-To Guide to create the perfect valedictorian speech.

Jon Stewart is having a lot of fun this week, and we like watching Jon Stewart have fun. He had a great moment ripping on Donald Trump's pizza-eating technique last night, and now Donald Trump has responded via video. As usual, Trump ruins everything he touches.