Links: My cousin is ruining my life through mass text messages

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Ahhh, how I miss the days of chain e-mails, when you had to commit to turning on your computer, waiting for it to boot up, and sitting through an hour of dial-up modem noises before you could get annoyed by pyramid schemes, etc. Now that beast has a new face: the annoying mass text. I truly feel for this poor writer for HelloGiggles as her life turns shambles via her thirteen-year-old cousin's unending mass-text attack.

Speaking of things that confuse the creepy/awesome barrier, who's seen the new Gorillaz video for "DoYaThing?" This is presented through Converse's 3 Artists, 1 Song series, alongside Andre 3000 and LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy. Its creepiness evokes Tim Burton if he did more electronic shit. 

A Tennessee principal recently told her students they'll go to hell if they're gay. It gets better, too! Dorothy Bond, the principal, told students that their lives would be ruined if they became pregnant.

Wait — did you say you wanted to see a painting of a polar bear in a gas-mask breathing from a horse with man-feet's eyeball? It's your lucky day.

Now that your brain is blank and ready for something awesome, you can check out this new version of Pulp Fiction. It's in iambic pentameter and set in the 1500s. And if you want to do the same with another American institution, I present Renaissance Batman.

For all of you obsessed with seeing classic movie/TV quotes cut up and compiled, someone has finally taken the time out of their schedule with the "I Presume?" classic. Makes you really realize how much entertainment recycles itself. Is it my imagination or is TV getting worse?