Links: MySpace sold for next to nothing

MySpace, the precursor to Facebook and Twitter and all of our favorite navel-gazing, TMI websites, has been sold for a mere $35 million dollars to Specific Media, a company that sells digital ad-space online and in other media. Now you might be thinking that's no chump change, but the bedazzled website was once worth $581 million. Poor Tom. He just wanted to be our friend.

It's almost the long weekend. Time for BBQs and picnics. It's really embarrassing when you spill ketchup on the white part of your red, white, and blue-themed ensemble, so be sure you have one of these tactical grilling aprons before getting close to anything edible. Or, um, dangerous.

The Megan Fox-less Transformers 3 opens this weekend, and though it also lacks Will Smith, it will probably be an Independence Day blockbuster and make a gazillion dollars. Celebrate Michael Bay's inevitable Earth takeover with these twenty-five Transformers-themed cakes.

Why don't you take a seat? He's no predator, but a very reputable news source (The National Enquirer) is claiming that Chris Hansen, beloved host of To Catch A Predator, is a philanderer. Which may or may not be true, but it's kind of funny to think of torch-wielding Hansen having his own dirty little secret.

Commentarium (5 Comments)

Jun 29 11 - 9:02pm

Once upon a time the pictures here used to be set up so you could get a little pop-up logo identifying the subject when you ran the mouse over them. Who the hell are those two guys at the top of the page?

Jun 30 11 - 12:15am

I think those guys are Pete and Repeat. They started a blog. Pete logged off. Who was left?

Jun 30 11 - 1:27pm

$35M is next to nothing?

Jun 30 11 - 4:04pm

Next to $581 million, yeah, it's next to nothing. It's six cents on the dollar for what they paid for it. If you lost 94% of an investment over a six-year period, you'd think you had next to nothing, too.

Jul 02 11 - 8:59pm

Not really. An irrationally high price from six years ago should not be the basis to suggest $35M is "next to nothing."