Links: Depicting Obama as a monkey is always racist

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Barack Obama

"Deny, deny, deny" may work when you're trying to explain the toilet overflow at work, but, trust me, no matter how many times you try to assert that calling Obama a monkey isn't racist (I'm looking at you Republican officials), you're wrong. Sometimes, when you're standing ankle-deep in shitty water, you have to 'fess up.

James O'Keefe (the guy who went to ACORN dressed as a pimp asshole, if you'd forgotten) is back at it again. But this time, he's singing and dancing. Now, the singing and dancing comes after three minutes of news clips about him, I'm serious. He is singing and dancing, in a construction worker's uniform, under a disco ball. Is there a Michael Jackson car-smash breakdown? You know it.

It wouldn't be Weed Christmas without a few pot-friendly lists. Here is a list of brilliant ideas written on the back of Wendy's napkins. Don't act like you haven't taken a couple "red eye" flights to Wendy's for some spicy chicken nuggets and discovered the solution for global poverty. You know you have.

Speaking of weed and ensemble dance numbers: take a look at comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates' ode to medical marijuana. It turns out that this is pretty educational. I didn't know my TMJ would come so in handy someday.