Links: Obama expected to unveil new deficit-reduction proposal

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Mere days after the government almost shut down, news comes down of President Obama's ambitious plans to combat the deficit. Reportedly, he wants to cut defense, Medicaid, and Medicare, as well as hike taxes up for the wealthy. Needless to say, the Right won't be happy and another partisan cat-fight will take place. So, there's that to look forward to. 

There are few things I can think of that women want to be compared to less than a used car. Obviously, this Canadian dealership didn't think at all before they made an ad doing exactly that. This is very reminiscent of R. Kelly's song "Jeep." For those who remember, that is an awful thing.

Speaking of awful things: the "X For Dummies" book people have officially jumped the shark. That's right; I'm calling it. When you have a book on shelves called Depression for Dummies, you've officially run out of good ideas and common sense.

Office humor is better left for funny emails and lunch-room banter. Pranks in the work place are almost never funny. Nobody wants to have a joke pulled on them somewhere they already hate to be. Be compassionate, people.