Links: Obama reveals plan to shave four-trillion off the deficit

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Barack Obama

Today, as promised, President Obama talked about his deficit-reduction plan. Cutting $4,000,000,000,000 (numbers used for effect) seems great, before you find out that it could take twelve years. There has to be a faster way to cut into that debt. Maybe, if we have one huge, intercontinental garage sale.

Barack, also, got a little unexpected support from Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly played mythbuster on his show, addressing some of the malarkey floating around about Obama. He has no idea how gravitational pull and orbits work, but even he thinks it's outrageous to claim that our President isn't American. He even went as far as to throw Bush under the bus in defense of Barack. I almost fell off my high horse!

I'm still in shock every time I watch House, so this next clip of the cast of Doctor Who reciting tweets in American accents blows me away. Well, it does for the most part. Karen Gillan kind of struggled, but we'll give her a pass — Ghostface Killah, Snooki, and Sarah Palin give me trouble, too.

Speaking of celebs from across the pond: Simon Cowell makes way too much money compared to his actual worth to society. Then, after robbing the world of $208,000 a day, he does almost nothing with it. Here are seven things he can do with his cash that would be better.