Links: Obama offers aid to Japan following the tsunami

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sendai tsunami

Before you click on your twelfth Charlie Sheen-related link of the day, here's a list of charities raising money for the Japanese tsunami victims. Do it because Obama said to.

If you're wildly excited for the upcoming Little Red Riding Hood movie (which I know you are probably not), here is a list of re-imagined nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Unlike Red Riding Hood, these are fake and reasonably entertaining.

Americans are deathly serious about two things: patriotism and fast food. So serious about the latter, in fact, that if you cross the wrong person stuffing a Big Mac into their face, you can get punched in the head. Here's a list of five such instances.

And finally, speaking of large human beings you do not want to cross: don't ever fuck with pregnant women. Take these nine crazy pregnant women as a sober warning.