Links: One in five people believe aliens walk among us

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Would you believe that 45% of people in India believe in extraterrestrial life? No? Well, how about that one in five people worldwide believe that there are aliens walking among us? If only Rowdy Roddy Piper could beat me up in a trash-filled alleyway in order to make me wear me a pair of glasses that could confirm this. Oh well, a girl can dream.

Jenny. Jenny. Who can I turn to? Let me clarify: who can I turn to in my quest for discounted groceries? Apparently, Tommy Tutone. A reader-submitted "Life Hack" to Parent Hack tells of people turning to the iconic number from Tommy Tutone's 1982 slice of ubiquity, "867-5309/Jenny," and using it to obtain supermarket discounts. The gist of the situation is that at some point, some smartass has probably used that number to sign up for a supermarket discount card while attempting to avoid phone calls, so you can use the number anytime you want to get discounts without your own card. 

Speaking of parents, some of them are terrible. And not just terrible at parenting, like the ones that let their screaming nightmare spawn run around restaurants while I try to enjoy my meal, but Casey Anthony terrible (ooh, topical!). Here are thirteen of them. Count your blessings your parents weren't more like this.

I actually can't really fathom anything more terrifying than a combined Furry/Star Trek convention, but apparently somebody's got plans for it —  enjoy this gallery of insane Star Trek fan art.

Personally, I got pissed when Viagra used a Howlin' Wolf song for one of their commercials because Howlin' Wolf was composed entirely of pure testosterone (and wolves), but apparently getting an erection also means it's okay to dance through your neighborhood to Queen. And that if you're a woman, your menstrual cycle is just another obstacle nature has placed in your way, like bears or werewolves.