Links: Restaurant bans all children under the age of six

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Kids in a restuarant

Seems like a question with a clear answer, but should kids be banned from restaurants? Of course they need to eat, but they certainly don't need to eat within my earshot. McDain's Restaurant of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, (which doesn't even sound like much of a fine-dining establishment) recently exercised their right to ban babies and anyone under six years of age. Some people are pissed, but I say, if you're allowed to ban smoking, this is only sensible. 

A New Jersey man wrote a letter to Congress this week suggesting that gay marriage will destroy his livelihood. You see, he's worried about his wedding-cake-topper business, which makes those man-and-woman-standing-together pieces that go on cakes. If he had a better outlook, he'd just invest in some gay molds. 

Rules to live by. And by that, I mean, rules for going to a bar alone. But let's face it, if you're going to a bar alone in the first place, you're probably way beyond these kind of illustrated support systems.

Recently departed Nerve writer (departed as in "traitorously left us for another site" not "joined Pop-Pop in Heaven") Jason Gilbert has a hot bod. But if he must exercise it, we're glad he's going the lazy way.