Links: PETA’s new naked woman ad enrages the Catholic Church

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Joanna Krupa for PETA

Wow, this story has a veritable panoply of guaranteed-to-outrage elements: PETA, nutty enough on their own, made some more naked-woman advertisements, this time with Joanna Krupa. Posing with a crucifix and angel wings in a Catholic church. They should have just really gone for it, and put her in blackface… 

Reservoir Dogs finally got a porn. Apparently, it's a totally accurate, scene-for-scene pornographic remake of Quentin Tarantino's classic. Whatever the hell that means. 

Do you know what the Anti-Joke Chicken meme is? It's perhaps the Michael Jordan of internet memes, and very much worth knowing about. Fortunately, some of the best examples of it have been handily compiled here.  

And finally, just because it's Friday, here's the best video of a bride in a wedding dress getting hit by a wave and swept off the beach I've seen all day.