Links: President Obama will meet with congressional leaders as government shutdown looms

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Barack Obama

The deadline for budget talks in Washington is approaching, and today Obama is taking steps to avoid a shutdown. If the government actually stops working, an estimated 800,000 jobs will be put on hold, and D.C. will be at a virtual standstill. I'm no political genius (modest to a fault, but a genius, no), but how would a government lock-out help anyone?

Just in case the shutdown does happen, here are a couple pointers on how to behave. Do not go out and break all your least-favorite laws. Unless you want to carry an ice-cream cone around in your pocket (look it up, it's illegal), in which case, be a rebel!

It's official; Fox announced today that Glenn Beck's show will not be coming back after this season. Don't party too hard. I'm confident we'll be hearing a lot from him anyway. But small victories are still victories, right?

Things are bad for home owners. But they can't be bad enough for you to let this company paint an ad on an entire side of your house. No matter how much they pay you, the embarrassment will win out.