Links: A touching Ryan Dunn tribute video from team behind Jackass

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Regardless of what Roger Ebert says, the world lost a genuinely entertaining individual with the death of Ryan Dunn. This affecting video was produced by Dickhouse, the team behind Jackass, and effectively provides memories of the better parts of Ryan's life. The surprisingly whimsical and touching accompanying song was written by Johnny Knoxville's cousin, Roger Alan Wade.

Know what I hate? Statuesque, Jessica-Rabbit-resembling hotties with hyphenated names. Just kidding. I love Rosie Huntington-Whitely, mostly because she's got the same dead-eyed stare as Megan Fox, but with just a touch more existential ennui than hot-girl bitchiness. I kind of do hate the hyphenated name thing, though.

Also, check out Beyonce dropping in unexpectedly at an East Harlem Target to surprise a Boys & Girls Club with impromptu dance lessons. Why does this never happen to me when I go to Targets in East Harlem?

Ah yes, ctrl + alt + delete: the BFG 9000 of the computer world. Now you can enjoy your own "oh shit" coping mechanism, be it caffeine or alcohol, with these handsome vessels.

And last but least: Super Mario fan art. Four words have never yielded such wildly different interpretations of such a classic.