Links: Sarah Palin’s emails released and greedily devoured en masse

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Oh, Sarah. It's just so unfair for you, isn't it? The lamestream media just won't let folksy mavericks like us be, will they? No matter how hard we try to be left alone, like by tooling across the country in a giant fucking bus and mangling well-known American history, then boldly refusing to cop to that mangling, they just won't stop prying into our lives. Fortunately, Sarah, I know how you feel. I know how you feel because I've spent hours poring over your emails, released today (in hard copy!) by your great wolf-hunting home state. We're closer than ever, now, Sarah — I can feel it.

While we're on the topic of crazy publicly crazy, do enjoy this next video, which is almost too over-the-top to be real. "I…LOVE…cats." Honestly, I hope this is a stunt by some insanely talented actress, because if it's real, there is some poor unsuspecting bastard a couple drinks short of Fatal Attraction 2: The Kittening.

You know, I'm surprised that with the ubiquity of Facebook, somebody hasn't done this before. But it's still funny. Probably because of the British accent. Seriously, they just can't help being so adorable, can they?

So. Full disclosure here. I love David Simon. I think he's a genius writer, TV dude, and presumably, lover. He's also a master of the zinger, as evidenced by this email exchange, where he politely responds to the Attorney General's request for another season of the Wire with a request for a change in US drug-enforcement policy. Sigh. My hero.

Remember Madonna? She was kind of like Lady Gaga, only less covered in blood and more… skanky. Remember that video for "Vogue," with the square-around-the-face dance moves and the whatever else was notable about that video. Well, this guy sure as hell does, since he has an incredible video of himself dancing to it as a nine-year old.