Links: Sexy airline safety videos are the new rage

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You've probably heard the airline-safety speech so many times that you can recite it by memory: fasten your seatbelt, put your own mask on before assisting someone else, your seat cushion floats, etc. So many times, in fact, that you probably don't watch it. But maybe you will now that nearly naked flight attendants and Richard Simmons are narrating them

We've got a great student-teacher affair story round-up coming soon, but if you need to whet your appetite for inappropriate courting, here's the story of a fifty-one-year-old actor who married a sixteen-year-old girl with her mother's consent. They really beat us to the punch: our next story contest is about statutory rape! (Not really. Geez.)

A distraught Bam Margera spoke to Fox News today, responding to the death of fellow Jackass star and best friend Ryan Dunn. It's an extremely sad interview.

Let's get back to things that are funny. 50 Cent is writing a young-adult novel, about a bully who learns the errors of his ways. Didn't 50 Cent get shot ten times? Is he really that well-versed in defending yourself against bullies?