Links: South Dakota might amend bill to allow for the murder of abortion doctors

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Steve King

Lots of serious news today: South Dakota is reviewing a bill that would amend the state's "Justifiable Homicide" laws such that they would justify murdering abortion doctors. And Steve King (R-Iowa) is running around saying Planned Parenthood supports child prostitution. 

And, in what may be equally unsettling: The defector whose evidence was used to justify the Iraq War admitted he made it all up

In less serious news: In the history of the universe, only three bad things have happened to Justin Bieber. For the record, that is one fewer bad thing than has happened to me this week. 

Bieber-beating Esperanza Spalding, on the other hand, is killing it. Wrathful armies of crazed twelve-year olds out for her blood notwithstanding. 

And perhaps even sillier: Chuck Lorre, creator of Two and a Half Men, ran this vanity card at the end of last night's show, talking about how pissed he'd be if he died before Charlie Sheen.