Links: Stephen King slams the Tea Party, says he wants to pay more taxes

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Stephen King

At a rally in Sarasota, Florida, Stephen King lashes out at the Tea Party. He describes himself as a "rich person" (which seems fair), and suggests he should be paying fifty percent of his income in tax. Refreshing. 

A tractor trailer hauling 16,000 pounds of printer ink rolled over and spilled ink all over a road outside of Boston. It's the most beautiful car-wreck I've ever seen. Not that the people stuck in traffic behind it cared about aesthetics. 

Justin Bieber's fame has reached new heights — probably the height of his penthouse in which he is currently trapped. Apparently, Bieber is not allowed to greet the 500 fans besieging him, under the threat of "inciting a riot." I know Bieber is tiny, but 500 female fans? Is that really enough to make you physically unable to leave a hotel? I, personally, wouldn't know. 

And finally, this story of a Walmart greeter reaching his breaking point and returning to rob the store at gun point wouldn't be remarkable. After all, it's a crappy job. But, he happens to be eighty-three-years old.