Links: The Bronx Zoo cobra is recaptured, his Twitter feed goes dark

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Bronx Zoo Cobra

And he didn't even murder anyone! But that doesn't mean that the saga has ended. A certain blogger is suggesting that the entire thing was a sham to drum up publicity

The snake's Twitter feed, however, has officially gone mute. "Those bastards confiscated his iPhone!" 

Tomorrow is April Fools' Day. To start celebrating a little early, here's a list of tremendously mean, video-game related pranks.

Nearly nude pictures of the mayor of Toronto are all over the place, sending his office into frantic clean-up mode. Perhaps because of the political liabilities, or just because he doesn't look that awesome with his shirt off.

And finally, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has gotten a comic book. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's not based on his movie or bodybuilding careers, but his political one. Its title? The Governator, of course.