Links: The GOP presidential pool gets weaker by the day

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Tim Pawlenty

Haley Barbour, one of the Republican Party's best shots at beating Obama, has bowed out as a potential presidential candidate. What remains is a pretty weak group. Some feel that the party should just toss Tim Pawlenty into the lion's den, because he'd embarrass them the least. I disagree. I want to see the Donald get ripped to shreds.

Few things hurt the environmental movement more than the "Not In My Backyard" mindset. For a case study, check out these affluent New Jersey-ites who are apparently holding back the waves of progress, at least, according to the New York Times.

Jon Hamm and a little furry blue guy cruising the country-side in a convertible is, actually, just as entertaining as it sounds. Especially when it's set to trendy French pop. Check out the music video for Herman Dune's “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know."

And finally, rock stars are known the world over for having "fuck everybody" attitudes. They break shit, hit people, and wear clothes way too tight for public display. But somehow, we still love and admire them. Here's a list of the few things rock stars won't do.