Links: The healing powers of medical marijuana

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Medical marijuana does all kinds of awesome stuff. It helps out patients receiving cancer treatment, can settle mental imbalances, takes the place of pain medication, and it made a man able to produce babies. If you don't believe me, look no further.

I know, I know. The medical marijuana stuff was kind of heavy. If you need cheering up, relive the trailer for Showdown in Little Tokyo, a terrible movie, complete with boobs and violence.

If you actually want to watch a substantial video (who are you?) check out the trailer for a new documentary called Dive! about dumpster diving and how much food America wastes.

'Round the office, we often battle over which bars to go to for happy hour. After hours of debate, we always head to the same dive. But thanks to this new ingenious app (not a trace of sarcasm here, seriously) you can find the nearest happy hour to you, along with their bar menu and other important things. I may finally get an iPhone.