Links: The science of making out explained

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One typically doesn't associate kissing with science. In fact, a whole history of pop culture, from The Nutty Professor to 28 Days Later, has made sure that when I'm smooching, the last thing I'm thinking about is science. But no more! The fine folks at Good have put together this video, which features a montage of famous kissing scenes accompanied by kissing-related facts (except for the last one, which is just a damn, dirty lie). Also, speaking of damn, dirty things, see if you can spot the interspecies kiss!

Sometimes, the befuddlement the elderly feel when confronted with that gosh-darn internet makes for some great comedy. This is one of those times.

For those of us still mourning the loss of that master of the non-sequitur one-liner, Mitch Hedberg, there is good news. Hedberg's widow, comedienne Lynn Shawcroft, has re-launched Hedberg's website, updated with personal materials from his notebook. Now, this isn't a Courtney Love/Kurt Cobain diaries situation — it's work-related material, not the man's deepest thoughts and emotions. (Highlights include this relatively straightforward sponsorship request to Gold Bond Medicated Powder.)

Mormons need a spring break, too. The Daily Beast briefs us all on the spouse-finding habits of hundreds of young Mormons as they descend on Duck Beach, North Carolina next weekend. Even better, the whole thing is being filmed for a documentary.

Well, finally we can all go back to our drab, mundane lives, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump will not be running for President. But for those of us who miss the 223-day period when Trump's waffling illuminated our day-to-day with the possibility of stealing oil from Libya and finally proving that Obama wasn't born in the U.S., here's a recap.