Links: The U.S. is handing Libyan military action over to NATO

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Libyan Protesters

Yesterday, the Pentagon announced that America would be handing all military action over to NATO (basically Britain and France). Republicans in congress were outraged, as is their natural state. Many called the move stupid due to Gaddafi's advances, but I think (infinite political wisdom being my strong suit) we have enough on our plate. How many countries can we bomb for five years? Exactly.

Speaking of Republican tomfoolery, check out this April Fools' prank courtesy of the GOP. They pretend to back Obama while poking fun at all of his "shortcomings" as President. Funny!

April Fools' isn't all about pranks. We also have to give it up to ladies in power today. Here is a list of influential women for all you feminists out there.

That said, pranks are always fun, especially mean-spirited ones aimed at geeks. Take a look at this trailer for a fake Harry Potter spinoff. In this trailer, a twenty-something Harry has been recruited to some dark magic task force. You'd watch it, don't lie.