Links: U.K. boy protests dress code by wearing a skirt

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A precocious twelve-year-old boy from the U.K. wore a skirt to school in protest of his school's dress code, banning shorts for boys. If it had happened in Texas, he'd have been expelled. Since it's Britain, school administrators simply ignored him. 

What's your lowest priority in life? I'm talking the absolute last thing that would make you raise a fist or muster a supportive battle-cry. If you're still drawing a blank, look at the the lame causes these people rioted for.

On top of polluted air and a dwindling oil supply, now it's being reported that climate change is going to affect the most important thing of all: WiFi. So think about that while you eat off a paper plate tonight.

There's a new trend in men's accessories this season: weapons. So far it's just bullets and knives, but I'm predicting grenade murses for fall.