Links: Washington Post invites homophobic guest columnist on National Coming Out Day

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Tony Perkins, Homophobic columnist

The Washington Post invited Tony Perkins to write a column yesterday, on National Coming Out Day, created to celebrate tolerance. Perkins is one of those proper homophobes, the kind who talks about "the radical homosexual agenda."

The Top Ten Insane Anti-Masturbation Devices in History – Christine O'Donnell is an honorary number eleven.

Zach Galifianakis posed in a sexy red one-piece for this Vanity Fair "Beach Calendar." It's not safe for work. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Author Douglas Coupland shares his pessimistic views on the world
and forty-five tips on how to make it through the future. Tip forty four: Your dream life will increasingly look like Google Street View

But — a four-year-old plays a ukulele rendition of "What a Wonderful World." Quick. Someone tell Douglas Coupland it's going to be ok.