Links: We are almost certainly safe from a Palin Presidency run

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Sarah Palin

Evidence is mounting that Sarah Palin won't run for President. She just fired two of her most prominent Bush-era political consultants and signed her family onto a Disney Channel reality show. But she's still saying she's "tempted." 

A young man goes away to India for six months, leaving a friend to stay in his room. The friend jokes "I'm going to have a six-month party in your room." India guy returns half a year later and finds this amazing video… 

Cosmopolitan magazine has an iPad app. And apparently, it moans, groans, and makes all manner of sexy noises. 

This week, a Southern church began offering pole-dancing classes. It was the final straw. "Pole dancing has officially jumped the sexy shark." 

And finally, just because everyone is feeling cranky today: here's a video of a crazy woman in a bikini storming into a Burger King and starting a wild food fight