Links: Obama finally stoops to acknowledge Trump, shows birth certificate

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Donald Trump

No matter how ridiculous his claims are, no matter how half-baked his schemes turn out, no matter how shitty his hair looks, when Donald Trump speaks, people pay attention. But when what he says dictates what our President does, there is a clear problem. At best, Trump is vaguely important businessman and reality-TV star. In politics, though, he shouldn't even be an afterthought. Which is why today is a sad day.

In other birther jerk news: Jerome Corsi (Obama Nation and Unfit to Command) continues his string of unfounded-conspiracy-theory-laden books with Where's the Birth Certificate? It is set to drop in mid-May. Too bad we already found said document.

Abortion politics makes everybody crazy. So, imagine what the topic does to people who are already crazy. Take Pat Robertson, for example. On an episode of The 700 Club, Robertson claimed that liberals only support abortion to make lesbians feel better. You know, because it's impossible for them to have kids on their own. Yeah, I'm just going to let that one breathe.

And finally, to wind down a little bit, here are the ruminations of many a smart man on why the Rube Goldberg Machine should be set aside for a while. I'd tend to agree; we've pretty much worn that concept out (I'm looking at you, OK Go).