Links: Michelle Obama gives dating advice to her daughters

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Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is waging her own little war to better the world: campaigning against childhood obesity and trying to get African children into exercise. Now she's giving dating advice to her very young daughters and to our nation, "Find people who will make you better," like fruits and veggies. Thanks mom!

South Boston will never be the same again — in a good way — now that Whitey Bulger is locked up. To mark the date, let's take a moment and remember the mobsters, with this extensive list of Irish bad boys. (Colin Farrell is not included)

It's a sad day today. Columbo star Peter Falk passed away last night in his home in Beverly Hills.  Luckily we can always remember him by watching The Princess Bride on repeat; with wine and lots of tears of course.

Now really picky, hard-to-please vegans can have sex without animal-cruelty guilt ruining their chances of orgasm; new vegan condoms, lube, and even herbivore porn are now available for those who want to live this lifestyle all the way.

In 'best thing we've ever heard' news, two amazing things become one: fried chicken cookies. Apparently, they're also incredible easy to make. Happy Friday, everyone.