Links: Wikileaks’ Bank of America leak doesn’t reveal much, contrary to hype

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Julian Assange

Julian Assange apparently has over 5GB of documents from a Bank of America exec's hard drive, and yet early reports suggest the documents are more cryptic than embarrasing. A shame, since if he'd pulled down a corporate fat cat or two, Assange might have won himself some friends. 

Top-level Conservatives are breaking with Glenn Beck. It seems that his crazy nonsense has finally gone far enough to become a political liability. 

This writer went on a drunken adventure to the fair city of Montreal. And got his ass kicked. Still, a charming travel log, all in all. 

Michelle Obama's in the news today talking about Barack's personal life. Apparently, the president has officially quit smoking and does not dye his hair. So, there's that settled. 

And finally, this is the pretty art-thing of today, brought to you by the internet. This lady artist dumps paint all over things, and makes some very beautiful art as she does so.