Links: Wikileaks nominated for a Nobel Prize

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Julian Assange

Wikileaks — the site that's been accused of terrorism, theft, and host of other very bad things — has been nominated for a Nobel Prize. The Norwegian committee called the site, "one of the most important contributors to freedom of speech and transparency" of our times. 

There's nothing better than seeing a previously uninteresting actor actually be pretty funny. Like in this new short with Leighton Meester about the perils of college roommates, aptly named "Don't Touch My Shit." 

If you, like me, have lived your whole life on the premise that pro-wrestling is fake — more like choreographed dance-fighting than a sport — this might shake that assumption. Also, be warned, it's a slightly unpleasant video to watch. 

Michele Bachmann has recently announced her opposition to the TSA scanners, for fear that "naked pictures" of her would end up on the internet. I feel confident that no one wants that. 

And finally, Dana Carvey is filming promos for his upcoming hosting gig on SNL. To celebrate, he's resurrecting the "schwing!"